What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services or AWS as it’s commonly known in the tech industry is the world’s most reliable cloud computing platform. It provides hundreds of unique services which are all cloud-based, ranging from databases to virtual servers.

What are the benefits of AWS?

There are several benefits of AWS, but are not limited to the following:

- Your infrastructure can be made global in a matter of minutes

- Reduced focus on maintaining data centers

- Get an accurate idea of your capacity needs

- Swap out fixed expenses for variables expenses

- Increase dexterity and speed

- Lower pay-as-you-go costs

- Secure

Your infrastructure can be made global in a matter of minutes

With AWS cloud computing you will be able to easily deploy your application to the cloud within minutes to any region worldwide. Regions are from the US right through to Europe and all the way to Africa. This will in turn allow for a decrease in latency and improve the overall customer experience.

Reduced focus on maintaining data centers

By migrating over to the cloud you save on a lot of fees since you don't have the stress of managing and maintaining your servers. As a result of this 'freedom', you are able to put your energy and time into the needs of your customers, thus helping you to have a more consumer-centric approach.

Get an accurate idea of your capacity needs

With traditional IT deployment, you would often have either too many or too few resources. With cloud computing, this problem is removed because you can access as many resources as you need and adjust accurately to what your specific requirements are.

Pay for variables expenses instead of fixed expenses

Instead of investing a fixed amount into your infrastructure, you can swap this out for variable expenses instead. With variable expenditure, you only pay when you are using cloud computing resources, and also how much you consume.

Increase dexterity and speed

In an AWS cloud environment, developers have on-demand and immediate access to IT resources so that they are able to utilize these resources instantly. This not only reduces the time to deploy applications but also decreases costs.

Lower pay-as-you-go costs

There is a low variable cost of AWS cloud computing due to there being many users that make use of the platform. This results in low-pay-as-you-go costs for us as consumers.


AWS treats the security of its users as one of its highest priorities. It is known for its dedication to providing a secure platform due to its certifications and accreditations in the matter of security.


As we can see from the points listed above. AWS provides a valuable platform for organizations to utilize cloud computing resources instead of following a soon-to-be out-of-date traditional IT approach when dealing with various deployment solutions.